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What Makes CONSTRUC™ Different?

Our patent-pending mix design, the latest automated mixing software, anti-glare touchscreen controls, and the highest quality parts create accessible equipment to operate, maintain, and clean. Our equipment allows you to produce cellular concrete at high rates in high daily volumes at even the most remote sites. ConsTruc™ equipment is dependable, rugged, streamlined, and continuously developed with the operator in mind.

A custom-crafted mixture of cement, water, preformed foam, and cellular concrete can be pumped in up to 20' lifts and pumped thousands of feet in a single pour. It can be accurately mixed to various densities and pumped into any void.​ Our unique mixing process allows us to hit tight margins at any density from 20 to 110 pcf. Plus, our patent-pending equipment pumps at rates up to 250 yd3/hr for thousands of feet, assuring your project is completed quickly and to your exact specifications.​

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Our Story

The Diver family photo

Risk It To Get The Biscuit

Centrally located in Grove, Oklahoma, ConsTruc™ Industries is a family-run business. Christian values, quality over quantity, and staying on the leading edge of innovation are the driving forces behind every piece of equipment they create. James Diver is a Civil Engineer with a passion for concrete from 1997. Renee Diver is a master marketer and mom. Together, they have successfully launched multiple business endeavors in the cellular concrete industry. James and Renee have three daughters and hope someday they will continue on the legacy of their collective entrepreneurial spirits. Until then, they abide by the motto that you have to, “Risk It To Get The Biscuit,” and put everything they have into every day.

Meet The Team

 James Diver Constuc Industries

James Diver

Founder & Lead Engineer

Zach Young Construc Industriesg

Zachary Young

Director of Procurement

Bryan Bateman Construc Industriesg

Bryan Bateman

Lead Engineer

Cody Angel Construc Industries

Cody Angel

Director of Manufacturing

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