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What Is ConsTruc™?

Centrally located in Grove, OK, ConsTruc Industries is a manufacturer of cellular concrete producing equipment. Our machines are designed to be an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and multi-use solution for municipalities and contractors currently replacing abandoned water and sewer lines, projects needing erosion control and ground stabilization, large hole capping, backfilling for bridge abutments, corrugated metal pipe fill, and more.

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What Is Cellular Concrete Equipment?

Cellular concrete is a carefully crafted mixture of cement, water and preformed foam. This material is mixed to a specified density and can be pumped into almost any void. The fundamentals are simple but the applications and ability to mix properly and at high production rates make this very challenging without the right equipment. Enter ConsTruc. Some of the unique features of our equipment include:

  • Computer automated PLC system quickly and easily mixes to contractor’s exact mix specifications on site

  • Pumps long distances at rates up to 100 cu yds per hour

  • The density and compressive strength of cellular concrete are controlled onsite by varying the amount of foam injected. Density can be varied on site from 30 to 110 pounds per cubic foot and compressive strength, from 20 to 2000 psi

  • Produces a highly-fluid material that is self-leveling

  • Easily placed by pump or gravity for rapid installation

  • Mobile equipment is easily manueverable to get to almost any job site location




"Infrastructure updates are happening across the country at an accelerated rate, and cellular concrete is generating a lot of buzz in the construction industry. It is gaining momentum as a more stable alternative to traditional flowable fill and smart contractors are seeing the benefits of being a part of this movement."


Cellular Concrete: Filling the Void

Posted on Mar 28, 2013 in Technical Papers